Across the UK, across the globe.

Here we are – the evening before my first ever Lush campaign.  This is also the first time I have worked on an animal testing campaign. And wow what a whirlwind of a campaign to be a part of.

Tomorrow marks the first global launch of a Lush campaign.  In over 700 shops, across 49 countries, our boxing hares will be in the windows – proudly announcing that we are ready to fight animal testing. Our staff will be excitedly ready – to grab you, inspire you and then ask you to sign the Humane Society International’s Cosmetics Directive petition.  If you’re reading this you may already have signed it – Thank You.

As a campaigner I have previously worked on environmental and human rights issues.  It has been heartbreaking to be introduced to the world of animal rights campaigning. Humanity – when thinking beyond itself – about our environmental impact, our impact on other people, our impact on other species – is the most extraordinary and optimistic force in the universe.  We can move mountains – we have changed the world and made our society better throughout history – it’s the story of human progress.

There is, however, still so much that could be improved so simply, yet for whatever reason – for apathy or ignorance or the vested interests of powerful people – nothing changes.  Never have I felt this as starkly as when I think about animals who are being tortured and killed so that the cosmetics industry can have unreliable data for toxicity tests.  Some things are difficult to change.  For some things there really is no alternative.  This is not true for animal testing in the cosmetics industry.  This is a human evil that – with public and industry pressure – could end tomorrow.

Please follow this campaign.  Spread it far and wide.  We have been waiting 20 years for the Cosmetics Directive to be fully enacted.  We will wait no more.

Tamsin, Lush Campaigns.

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