Lush Derby can’t wait for Fighting Animal Testing

I discovered Lush as a customer around 8 years ago. There was a sign in the Derby shop window saying “all of our soaps are vegetarian and most are vegan too!”

As a vegan for 14 years I can definitely say that the companies ethics were what attracted me to the products and to later work for the company.  It’s so important that the Cosmetics Directive 2013 is finally fully enacted. I feel that the public who demanded the Animal Testing Directive in the 80s and 90s have waited far too long already for it to be fully implemented. I also think that a lot of people may not be aware that if this legislation is not fully implemented then laboratory animals could see a further delay until at least 2023.

As we prepare in Lush Derby to run this campaign I can’t wait to be able to give our customers the full information and the opportunity  to sign our petition and protect animals.

Sophie, Manager at Lush Derby

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