The Fighting Animal Testing Window is In!

Our current window is about making testing cosmetics on animals a thing of the past! Testing cosmetics on animals is just wrong, not only is it cruel but the results are unreliable. The effects of a chemical on a rabbit is completely different from how it is on a human. I find it awful that if the same animal test is conducted twice then it only has a 50% chance of reaching the same result both times, you may as well flip a coin!

The Cosmetics Directive was passed into EU law 20 years ago, and for years there has been delays on its full enactment. Its very annoying at how unfair it is. After the all the hard work that the public did to pressure legislators to stop cosmetics being tested on animals, the law was passed and now the public think its not happening anymore, but the problem is still here!

Lush stands up for the customers right to buy a product that they know is cruelty free, but until this legislation is fully in play the public may buy a cosmetic from a company that is not Lush, expecting it to be cruelty free, when in fact the ingredients were tested on animals.

This is why I urge everyone in to follow this campaign, to sign the petition, sign the window and support us in making sure that the Cosmetics Directive stops this pointless cruelty!

Dan Bage, Manager at Lush Carlisle.

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