5 Year Rolling Rule

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Raw Materials can be bought from any company that can sign a declaration saying they have not tested that material within the last 5 years for use in cosmetics.
Positive Aspects vs Negative Aspects

It was a good policy many years ago when non animal testing was a new consideration. It got things going by causing people to think about the issues and providing an easy way for raw material suppliers and cosmetic manufacturers to start producing things that were not tested on animals.
CRUELTY* FREE.  *For the last 5 years anyway!
It does not provide a strong enough incentive for companies to cease testing. With many new raw materials and some cosmetic products taking more than five years to develop, companies could just carry on animal testing knowing that by the time they got their new product onto the market 5 years would have passed and they could advertise it as ‘cruelty free’ under the 5 year rolling rule. Therefore what started as a genuine effort to reduce animal testing could end up being used as a smoke screen/marketing ploy for unethical companies to make themselves look good.
If a raw materials company decides to stop all animal testing they still have to wait five years before they can sell all of their materials to rolling rule companies.

This policy got the ball rolling. With time the animal testing issue became more widely known about and the wider public started to demand products that were cruelty free. The 5 year rolling rule had had its day and it was time to move on and improve things further.