Our attitude to new and novel ingredients.


Part of the reason why Lush has been able to be animal testing free for all these years is because we are not obsessed with the next big miracle invention.

Miracle invention process

  • Much of the cosmetics industry is based around a constant search to be first with a miracle anti-ageing ingredient. Ingredients are invented and patented.

  • Then put into the latest formulations and advertised to a world of people who are ever more worried about how to stay looking young.

  • It is a self fulfilling circle – the more the advertisers talk to us about the signs of ageing, the more we worry about those signs in ourselves.

Paranoia about our looks schema

And the more likely we are to seek out products to help put a halt to our inevitable natural aging process. Pushing us towards the very products that made us paranoid about our looks in the first place!

Lush has never wished to be part of this.

  • We believe that all people age and the most any of us can do is take the best care of our skin at any given age. We wish to love the skin we are in, working in harmony with our bodies to care for it gently and naturally.

The other problem with new and novel ingrdedients…

  • Under product safety legislation, these ingredients have no history and need to be fully tested before they can be put on the market. Some of that testing will end up being done on animals.


  • NO THANKS - Says Lush
  • So at Lush, we avoid new and novel ingredients

    This isn’t hard for us, because they have never been part of our thinking.

    Our very strict animal testing policy means that any Raw Materials Manufacturer who is involved in inventing new and novel ingredients cannot sell to us, even though we don’t buy those particular ingredients.

Our policy says that we will not buy from any supplier who tests any of their ingredients on any animals for any reason.

WHICH Supplier Table

So if a manufacturer is inventing and animal testing new and novel ingredients – Lush still cannot buy any old fashioned ingredients they make from them, because our policy means we will not do business with them if they are involved in any animal testing.

  • Lush make lovely, effective products
  • Our passion at Lush is to make lovely, effective products that take inspiration from history and add a twist of today – using natural ingredients, essential oils, fruit and vegetables and a small palette of synthetic ingredients which have a long history of safe use.

Our Earth is so packed full of amazing things that after 30 years of inventing cosmetics products, we still haven’t got round to trying half of what nature has given this planet.

  • Why search science
  • So why search science for new ones, when we haven’t yet used all that nature offers?

So for the sake of humans, the environment and the animals – Lush will continue to avoid new and novel ingredients and instead draw our inspiration from nature.