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The Lush non-animal testing policy came into existence before the start of Lush. It is the same policy that our previous company, Cosmetics To Go, was run to.

  • News from BUAV
  • The policy was launched in June 1991, to a large fanfare at a press conference at The Ivy in London and was supported by BUAV and others.

    The policy broke new ground and pushed attention beyond just cosmetics testing, by asking raw materials suppliers about their wider testing behaviour.

    We believed that our customers handed us money in the understanding that we would do everything we could, not to put it into the hands of companies that make profit from animal testing.

It seemed that simple to us – and the policy needed to reflect these simple, clear demands.

The founders of Lush, many of the long term core team and masses of our staff and customers all feel strongly about animal testing.

Vegan, Vegetarian

See the Original Press Launch info here. Click to view pdf

At the heart of Lush are people who have spent their whole lives, both working and spare time, fighting to bring an end to animal cruelty. It is our deep and truly held belief that animals should not suffer for the sake of cosmetics and toiletries.

Which is why we also only use vegetarian ingredients in our products. The majority being vegan also.

When other cosmetics companies were telling customers that they only test on animals because it is required by law, Lush felt that the best thing to do was to quietly set a different example.

1st LUSH SHOP, Lush labs, Shop floor

From opening our first little shop in Poole, Dorset in 1995, to having more than 800 shops in 49 countries today, we have stuck to our Lush Policy.

Showing that it is possible to invent, manufacture and bring to market an entire range of products, meeting all the legal safety requirements, without ever having to test on animals along the way.

There are a few countries where Lush cannot open shops, because those countries mandate animal testing – but other than those few, Lush has grown around the world and shown what can be done within the current legal framework.

There is no excuse for other companies to animal test if we have not needed to!

Animal Testing + any ingredient = no business

Our product range is based on a combination of natural ingredients, essential oils and a small palette of synthetics which have a long history of safe use.

There are some ingredients that Lush is unable to use, because of their animal testing involvement and there are many ingredients companies that we cannot buy from,

due to their animal testing involvement. But this has not stopped our growth, or our ability to supply a wide range of products and prove their safety without the use of animals.

We believe firmly that the Lush Non-Animal Testing Policy has been a beacon, showing what a committed company can do if their heart is in the right place.

We wish always to run our company adhering to our Policy.

It would be far better for animals though, if they were properly protected by the law, rather than companies inventing their own voluntary codes of practice. We think animals deserve proper protection which forces the worst of companies towards kinder behaviour.